A school that starts in “being”.

As we allow ourselves the space to step into our own inner world, we begin to authentically value our own uniqueness. Often the regular education system is so focused on doing. The doing of the homework. The doing of the tests. The doing of the set scheduled program. While there is space for doing in our world, we believe that there is a shortage of being. We are not given the time and space to be. To delve deeper into our inner world and revel in our own uniqueness. To find wonder and awe in the natural world, as we sit in a tree and journal, or notice the smallest details as the seasons change, play make – believe for hours in our tree fort or find excitement in a new shared discovery!

Once we value who we are, we look for a sense of belonging within our greater community. At Ignited Outdoor School we spend our energy on building community and celebrating our uniqueness and differences. We are of various colours, textures and tapestry prints all separate and unique but as we come together in community we form a beautiful quilt. In a tangible way for the kids to understand, we hang up our quilt on the wall to remember our sense of belonging.

Once we feel valued for who we are and have a sense of belonging, we are then able to step into the world authentically. Everything we create is authentic to who we are. We are in integrity, and it feels so good when we are! Any person who has felt out of alignment with who they are at the core can tell you the great deal of pain that being out of integrity with yourself is like.

From this place, we then step into our final piece of the puzzle – SHINING BRIGHT EXACTLY AS YOU ARE! This is when true, authentic learning can be ignited.

The word education means to “draw out” – and that is what we are here to do at Ignited Outdoor School. We facilitate community, resources, and prompts to help children “draw out” what is already inside of them. We do it in nature and we do it in community. The burning light inside is ignited and we SHINE brighter than ever before. This is how we light up the world, by igniting the hearts, minds, and bodies of our children.

Ignited Outdoor School enrolls new students throughout the year based on availability. We have a policy of open admission, accepting all applicants who have the capacity for full participation in the school’s program as self-directed, autonomous members of the school’s community.

Classes for children and adults of all ages include our Quarterly Family Gatherings, Parent & Child Nature Play Program and our Homesteading Drop In sessions. Stay in the loop about more program additions by adding your name to our newsletter.

Program Guide

Fall (Sept-Dec) Winter (Feb-Mar) Spring (April – June)

1. Ignited Stars Nature Kindergarten (Ages 3.8-7) MONDAYS – UXBRIDGE TUESDAYS/THURSDAYS – NEWMARKET

2. Ignited Flames Wild Wednesdays (Ages 6 – 11) Last Wednesday of Each Month (Sept – June) WEDNESDAYS – UXBRIDGE

3. Kindled Kids Parent & Child Nature Play Program (Ages 18 mths – 4 yrs) THURSDAY MORNINGS – NEWMARKET

4. Quarterly Family Gatherings Once per Season. All Ages with parent participation! SATURDAYS – NEWMARKET

5. PA DAYS In the Forest (Ages 6-11), YRDSB PA DAYS- NEWMARKET

6. Homesteading at the Forest Farm Drop In Program (Ages 3.8 – 11) Dates TBD, UXBRIDGE, ON

Our Locations:

Sharon, ON – 18648 Leslie St

Uxbridge, ON – Concession 5 and Davis Dr

“Free play is the means by which children learn to make friends, overcome their fears, solve their own problems, and generally take control of their own lives”

– Peter Gray

“Free play is the means by which children learn to make friends, overcome their fears, solve their own problems, and generally take control of their own lives”

– Peter Gray

What is the Outdoor School Rationale and Research?