Ignited Stars Nature Kindergarten Program (WEEKLY)

The weekly Outdoor School Program is about growing nature connected kids. This means kids who are calmer, more aware, compassionate and joyful. A day spent in a beautiful outdoor garden, forest or farm setting, with the space to wonder and play, we learn alongside one another naturally and organically. We are bringing back the true meaning of the kinder “garden”. This program is guided by trained educators within an intimate community learning environment. A great supplement for homeschooling or a regular school schedule.

Ages: 3.8- 7 years
When: Weekly from 9:30-3:00pm (FALL/WINTER/SPRING TERM)



Cost: $60/day **bundle and save

Ratio: 1 Educator to every 6 Students *Cost per term is based on number of days in that term

Ignited Flames Wild Wednesdays (MONTHLY)

An introduction for kids to foster new life skills, build new friendships, and be active and immersed in nature, through hands-on, inquiry based, teacher facilitated instruction. We learn from mother nature as we have the space to just be, breathe, wonder and dream as we feel connected to something bigger than ourselves.

This program follows the interest of the child and also provides activity/project invitations to work on skill building and teamwork outdoors. This program is a great supplement to a homeschooling or regular school schedule.

Ages: 6 – 11

When: Monthly on the last Wednesday of each month from 9:30-3:00pm (SEPTEMBER – JUNE)


Cost: $65/day

Ratio: 1 Educator to every 6 Students *Cost per term is based on number of days in that term

Kindled Kids Parent & Child Nature Program

An early years introduction to outdoor free play, sensory and nature concepts where sessions can include nature walks, scavenger hunts, outdoor yoga, garden care, music and movement, storytime and nature crafts. A great way to connect with your little one and other like minded people in your community.

Age: 18 mths – 4 yrs (children 1-18 mths are $5/session alongside older sibling, children in carriers are free)

When: THURSDAYS 10:00 – 11:30 AM, NEWMARKET

Cost: $24/session

*Cost per term is based on number of days in that term

The Perfect Blend- Add One Day of Outdoor School to your Child’s Education!

Our programs can work in hybrid with the regular kindergarten/primary program or for our homeschool community. According to Section 21 (2)(a) of the Ontario Education Act, a child may be excused from attending school if they are “receiving satisfactory instruction at home or elsewhere”. Spend a day immersing yourself in nature, discovering new interests and meeting new friends!

Contact us if you have any questions about how to incorporate a day of Outdoor School for your child. Children often thrive with a balance between the two types of learning environments!

Learning Opportunities at Ignited Learning Centre

Learning Opportunities at Ignited Learning Centre

At Ignited Outdoor School & Holistic Learning Centre, the teachers act as facilitators as each child “draws out” what is already inside of them to discover.

  • Play-Based Experiential and Hands-On Learning
  • Activities and Curiosities Explored through Child-Interests
  • Confidence and Responsibility Promotion
  • Journaling and Quiet/Rest Time Activities
  • Careful Listening, Cooperation and Peacemaking
  • Thanksgiving and a Story of the Day
  • Rhythms and Flows
  • Risky and Adventurous Play
  • Mindfulness/Mental Health Promotion
  • Organic Farming Practices & Nature Art at Sharon Creek Farm
  • Gardening and Plant Knowledge
  • Mapping/Compass Skills
  • Forest Play in Natural Elements/Weather Resilience
  • Math and Literacy Woven In
  • Child-led projects (Art, Building, Science Experiments)
  • Incorporating Indigenous Land-Based Knowledge
  • Field trips/Animal Care Opportunities
  • Functional Movement Skills/Active Play Outdoors
  • Life Skills (Shelter Building, Outdoor Cooking, Using Tools Safely)
  • Small Teacher to Student Ratios
  • Community Feel – Sense of Belonging