The Plant- A-Box Initiative is a project whereby we work together as a community to help “green” the children’s kindergarten playgrounds in our schools.

We want to go back to the root word of kindergarten being a children’s garden. If you take a walk around many of the schools around your neighborhood, you can usually find the kindergarten play area as a blank fenced in square. It usually does not have trees, grass or plants inside and is often used for some chalk, bikes and toys to play with.

We think we can do better for our kids.

Some of the benefits of children working with a more natural environment include:

  • Improved immunity (playing with dirt helps to boost healthy gut bacteria and improve the immune system)
  • New sensory experiences (smelling the flowers, touching the leaves, watering the plants)
  • Stress reliever for kids (teaching skills like how to relax, calm down and care for something)
  • Encourage healthy eating and discussions about where our food comes from
  • Learning to plan and organize a garden space

We want to offer you the opportunity to fund a planter box for your nearest school’s kindergarten class. One of Ignited Outdoor School’s educators is also a self-learned carpenter and he makes amazing planter boxes of all different sizes.

You would act as the facilitator for this project, and take on the role of contacting the school, working with any other parents and fundraising the money for the planter box. You can work with your family, your classroom or alone to fund the planter box for the kindergarten class. There are different pricing options below to suit what might work best for your scenario:

Option 1: Small planter box (24 inch by 16 inch)

Option 2: Medium planter box

Option 3: Large planter box

Option 4: Complete plant-a-box package (includes small, medium or large size planter box filled with soil, veggies, some tools, a watering can and delivery).

Option 5: Mud-Kitchen with some tools

If you choose options 1 – 3, you will want to take into account the potential costs of the soil, and the veggies. This would be a great option if the teacher wants to have this be a part of the learning experience for the kids. They could plant seeds in early spring and watch them grow indoors and then transfer them to their garden in May.

Friendly reminder* Usually schools are off during the summer months however do not despair! If your school has a daycare attached, they could take on the watering duties in the summer, or even the janitors if they consent to it! There is always a way!

Some vegetables that pop up early in the spring (i,e. Before school is out in June) and would be great to plant in the children’s school garden!

Asparagus (March – April)

Baby Carrots (April – May)

Peas ( April – June)

Greens & Herbs ( May – June) these can go into the summer or be removed prior.

Strawberries (June)

In the fall the children could plant some plants like cabbage, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, garlic and pumpkins!

If you would like to order a Plant-A-Box for your local school/daycare please email us at or call Peter our carpenter at 416 418 8514.

Written by Mariah Kontopoulos

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